I look at hundreds of charts a day.

After the bell, I curate the best ones and send them to investors.

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What is Daily Chartbook?

Daily Chartbook is a chart-based rundown of the most important factors driving today’s markets, with a focus on the US.

It features the best and latest research, both institutional and otherwise, curated to save investors time while delivering maximum value.

The newsletter is designed to offer a broad view of the market in a quick and easy-to-digest format that gives readers an edge in just a few minutes every day.

Daily Chartbook is published every weeknight (excluding market holidays) at 8 pm EST and contains 30 of the day’s best charts and insights.

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Daily Chartbook offers a comprehensive roundup of all the key charts being shared among finance folks each day. If you're a visual learner and you're looking to get nice cross-section of macro and market data but you don't have time to scour finance Twitter all day, this is the newsletter for you.


Daily Chartbook curates the day’s best charts and insights for investors every weeknight.


Great insights collated and delivered to you daily


Daily Chartbook offers strong technical analysis and chart based commentary on markets.


Great way to stay up-to-date on markets and macro!


Daily Chartbook provides relevant and reliable charts that help you navigate through the noise of financial media.


Daily Chartbook offers a great way to catch up with the market's activity via graphs and data. All sectors covered. A must-read each day!


No time on Twitter? Substack that helps: tweets series to catch all market sentiments without dive into research


I love the daily view on differents charts every day.



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I look at hundreds of charts a day. After the closing bell, I curate the best ones and send them to investors. People seem to like it. You should check it out.